Language School for Animal Rights Activists

Are you an animal rights activist?

Do you do street outreach, in whatever shape (Cube, Square, Diamond or Circle...)?

How often do you come across bystanders who don't speak your language?

How frustrated do you feel when you have to let them walk away because you couldn't outreach them in their native tongue?

Eliminating that frustration is precisely Antispé's raison d'être. Our goal is to ensure that the bystanders you approach can no longer use the language barrier as an excuse, and to help you have even more impact as an activist!

At the moment, Antispé is offering live Outreach Practice sessions where, for one hour each week, you get to role-play with other activists, practicing the kind of conversations you might have when doing street outreach. Those practice sessions are available in French, and also in English (for native speakers of French, Italian, Spanish, etc).

Our next goal is to launch our online platform where you'll be able to study French at your own pace, but that's taking an awful lot of time to set up so please bear with us while we're working on it!

And in the meantime, please subscribe to La Newsletter Antispé so you don't miss any updates regarding our courses, and remember to follow Antispé on Facebook and Instagram as well!

"Cécile has been helping me with my French, a tailored course specifically for my needs around animal rights activism. She's absolutely brilliant and has of course geared everything to my level of ability. Highly recommend signing up, it's honestly one of the best things I've done this year to help animals!"
Sharon, English animal rights activist and Antispé student